Capital adventures

By marchmont

Granny day #2

Again the girls slept ok with only one interruption for milk at 6 am. The UK clicks have gone forward so now I only have to adjust my thinking by 7 hours.

After yesterday's full on excitements we had a quiet day, sine face painting after breakfast, playing and watching Netflix. After lunch we had 2 hours in the pool. It was busy as the was another kids' party. Came home for more TV and even read some of my book. Amelia was hyper all day, and that was without sugar.

The parents arrived home just after 5, looking very relaxed and happy which was good. They brought me flowers and chocolates for Mother"s Day, although it isn't"t Mother's Day here till May.

Then we went for dinner at 163, really for Gordon's birthday, although there was no cake. Turned out the restaurant Wen Hui had chosen isn't open yet, the hotpot was full (relief) and we ended in a Thai that couldn't do some of the menu as the blender had broken (as Weng Fatt said 'have 2 blenders'), they had run out of beer, bottled and draft, virgin mojito came 10 mins after Kee Fun's and they forgot 2 items in the order. Normal for Malaysia la!

There was some shopping so it was after 9 before we got home and everyone was tired. The girls were not as compliant with their parents about bedtime as they had been with me. Tried to Skype mum and Michael but there was a system's failure at the Manor.

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