By flavia13


Hubby a bit better today.  Had a really high temperature yesterday afternoon, evening and night so kept me awake most of it!!!!  He's managed to get up today and can eat a little and drink water, so he is at least taking it steady.

Unfortunately we won't be able to travel south to attend funeral in Berkshire now, which I'm gutted about, but then it can't be helped.  We will make a trip a couple of months maybe to pay our own respects privately and make a little break of it around the Cotswolds whilst there.

Sister-in-Law left today and now safely back in Fife, we're just hoping she doesn't come down with anything.

I'm feeling a bit yuck but then I'm very tired so maybe a good night's sleep will make it all better!!

Saw this wee flower and thought it would make a nice blip for today.  Not sure what it is, some sort of primula maybe!!  I love the colour of it and still may more buds to come.

Hope you are all well and not suffering any nasty bugs.  See you all tomorrow.

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