By davidc

Wide Wednesday: "Beautiful"

I got a bit of a surprise when I got up this morning to find that it was snowing - after the (relatively) warm weather we've had recently we'd hoped that winter's icy blast was finished for this year! So, knowing that the Widwed challenge (kindly set by Bobsblips) was "Beauty" or "Beautiful" I decided to pop up to the attic with my camera to grab a shot of the garden before the snow melted (which it soon did): the forsthyias and berberis blossom and the daffodils were already looking rather lovely but I thought the snow added a little to the beauty of the scene.

On the right of the photo is our cherry tree which looks as if it'll soon be in blossom as well.

(The appearance of the garden is spoilt a little at the moment by the scaffolding on our neighbour's extension, but never mind.)

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