First of all the answer to the mystery item ... it was a screw in stud for a rugby boot. Lots of you were on the right track but chose football as the sport. See my Extras for a shot of the pack of rugby studs.

Had a nice lie in this morning. Woke up to find that it had snowed through the night.  Luckily not much.  And then it rained - and rained.  Freezing cold rain. I found that out when I went outside to feed the birds.

After breakfast I watched a bit of TV - with Tino on my knee.  Its getting to be habit with him - a nice habit. 

Around 12.30pm Neil arrived.  He is off work sick at the moment so I thought I would take him to a local cafe for a treat.  We walked along to Cafe Lutz.  Its a fairly new cafe which opened up last year ( in the building which used to be the newsagent/post office ).  Neither of us had been before.  They do a brunch menu from 10am till 3pm.  I chose a bacon brioche roll and Neil had Eggs Benedict ( always his first choice for breakfast or brunch ). We had a nice catch up. Took my blip shot when we came out of the cafe - I used the posterise effect in Picasa.

Then we walked to the bus stop - Neil was going back home and had in mind going for a run.  I was heading for the Metrocentre.  Even though the rain had more or less stopped it was still cold so I thought it best to head for an indoor shopping centre.

First stop was T K Maxx - I bought three things I didn't even plan to buy - and really don't need.  But they were lovely and I couldn't resist ( not handbags or clothes ). Went to a couple of other shops and then ... the pain returned so I got the bus home. 

When I got home I noticed three cards on the door mat - 3 parcels had been taken in by my neighbour at Number 8 - so I popped across to collect them.  Luckily this time the dog had not got to them.  In fact the dog wasn't there.... he was at " doggy day care ".  Apparently he goes once a week and loves it. 

Once I got back indoors I sat on the sofa with a hot water bottle, took a codeine and the pain eased after a while.

Steps today - 10,185

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