Capital adventures

By marchmont

Local culture

Today was definitely a day of 2 halves. After breakfast of roti canai with Wen and the girls at Pelita I had the morning at Batik Boutique at my batik workshop. Meet a couple of really lovely American expats who spend their life travelling round the work, I assume for their husband's work. One lives in HK, the other has just moved from HK to KL. I will get my finished piece tomorrow.

Managed to fit in a quick swim, then off with Kee Fun to the karaoke afternoon with the sisters (4 + 2 brothers in law) in Sunway City (via TTDI). I'd completely forgotten that we'd be in a sound proofed box with vicious AC. I felt very under dressed Trousers might have been better. We had beer and snacks and belted out some numbers in English and Chinese. However there was a problem with some of the words not appearing so eventually a 1/3 discount was negotiated.

Then to dinner. We went to eat opposite where the family grow up, in Petaling Jaya (PJ). It's in sight of Sunway but took ages to get there as it required a loop to get to the other side of the freeway. Much traffic! Sunway is interesting. There is a big water park there built in what looks like a huge quarry as it was a tin mine. The family used to live what is now Sunway in just basic type house amongst the tin mine pools. They bought the house beside where we were subsidised by the developer who wanted the land they were on before. Amazing how much KL had changed in 50 years, although technically we weren't in KL but in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

The Sunway City complex is also amazing as it's so over the top. 3 huge hotels and an enormous shopping mall with an ice rink and an Egyptian theme, mock sphinx at the entrance. But I digress. A niece (who has something to do with running where we were eating) was around and her father joined us, #2 brother. Then at 8 Fang arrived to take us home but she's come straight from work so there was more food and beer. It was well after 9 before we got home and only Gordon was up. We sat and chatted about this and that and then to bed.

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