Woman Walking

By njoyce06

A Really Fun Day........

   The day started out with a memory.....   a strong, loud and way violent thunderstorm came through last night.  Molly and Abby were scared, barking at the storm and digging under the covers to snuggle as close as they could, hoping that all would be well.  So much for a going back to sleep.
    The girls and I walked and found this lovely tree.  The light was varied because the sun popped in and out of clouds zipping by.  As a result of the walk the girls were ready to settle in their kennel when I left for a lunch meeting  friends from Gainesville.  It was delightful to catch, share stories and talk about various and sundry things over a delicious meal.  
     When I got home, some of the neighbors wanted to have a pot luck dinner....   Quick, check the frog, what can I thaw, throw together, and feed 7 other people.    I made a Shepards Pie with corn, peas and mozzarella cheese.   It must have been good because there were no leftovers.
    A wonderful day, and now a shower.....

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