Yesterday was a pain free day --- but today wasn't.  I felt really out of sorts so I have watched a lot of TV and done nothing much else.  I did make some coconut meringues to take to Taster Night at Slimming Club tomorrow.  I usually make something savoury as well but I couldn't be bothered today.

I went into the back garden this afternoon armed with my camera to see if I could get a shot of some bird or other.  I waited a while but nothing turned up until a couple of fat pigeons landed on the garage roof.  Tino spotted them and he is my blip for today.  My lovely green eyed boy.

Becky and Mike have been in Loughborough this weekend - staying with Mikes Mam and Dad.  They did the local Parkrun yesterday morning - just over 3 miles.  This morning they ran in the Loughborough Half Marathon. As Becky was running around the course one of the  marshalls called out to her " second lady ".  She hadn't realised that she was in that position. So for the rest of the race she made sure that no-one passed her - and she was 2nd lady to finish. Her time was 1hr 37 mins.  She got a small trophy as well as her medal. She was chuffed to bits. I have added an Extra of the photos she sent me.  Well done Becky.

Steps today - 3,819

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