Day at a Time

By Tweedy


Mono Monday today is 'making a noise' (thanks to Tryfan46 for hosting).

I've just done two hours worth of green gym in the garden. This has taken the form of riddling one small bed. The noise the stones make in the riddle is ridiculously loud. This is also a ridiculously stony garden. I might be stretching it a bit here. But I have made an inroad and the soil is now beautifully smooth and crumbly. The riddle was my dad's and is ancient. But really what more do you need in a riddle except something to catch the stones. An unexpected bonus of this work is that my Fitbit, which I wear on my wrist, has been counting overtime. It was all quite hard work so I feel justified.

It is such a beautiful spring day (you can see the shadows in my blip) that I have washed my winter waterproof coat to put away till later in the year. It's dripping on the line. I hope I've not been too eager but I'm honestly tired of wearing it now.

In other news poor wee Flora is at the vet hospital today having a procedure. I'm sure I'll blip her with her cone in days to come. Although she's only five months it seems to be recommended to do it sooner than later these days, assuming no puppies are planned. We had a fleeting thought about her having a litter in a couple of years but quickly decided against that idea. So she'll be a sleepy pup when we collect her from the surgery later today.

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