Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Up the Down Staircase

I haven't thought about that book/movie in years but this image brought it to mind.  Many thanks to Ingeborg for continuing to host Abstract Thursdays, with today's theme of distortion!

Most of yesterday's snow didn't stick because the ground was too warm and what was left this morning melted away today.  Now it's just brown again.  I'm hoping that all that moisture will encourage the flowers and trees to bloom.  The grass is noticeably greener. :-)

By the way, our Osprey pair now have two eggs in the nest and the next one is expected any time now.  They usually have four.  I hope to have time for a personal visit tomorrow.  In the meantime, I'm watching the Osprey Cam.  

I am grateful to Pipersdad for making a meatloaf tonight.  I'm making the rest of the dinner but my meatloaf is never as good as his, even if I use the exact same ingredients.   

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