Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Sound and Light show

I was ready this morning for the 9am Bible Study that happens at Sandy's house on a Friday. The group got together to buy Sandy a special present which was really sweet. There were also lots of goodies to eat.

We left for Kowloon after that. I wanted to change some money and there are also some interesting places to see there. Nathan Road (my extra) is a very colourful place. Money changed, Sandy and the others (rachelwhynot and Ben) really wanted to eat some authentic Chinese food, so after a bit of walking, we found a place to do that.

We then got on a double-decker bus and headed to the Jade Market, but on the way there, we stopped at a stationery shop. There was lots to see in it, so it wasn't exactly a quick trip. The area around Shanghai Street was next. We got to the Jade Market 25 minutes before closing time. There was enough time to look for and buy a few souvenirs pearl necklaces! On towards the Avenue of the Stars to watch the Sound and Light Show. This time, we jumped into an iconic red Hong Kong taxi. It was great to be in a more familiar mode of transport.

A quick walk through Harbour City preceded finding a good spot to watch the Sound and Light Show. Sandy found us a super place to watch the display. We caught the Star Ferry back to Central to get the ferry back to Discovery Bay. A very full day!

PS. I should have started by saying that it has rained constantly today and that somewhat determined what we did!

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