Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Tung Chung

After last night's party, we had an easy start to the day. I was up early and started to edit the pictures so I can put them in a web album. Work was interrupted to go down to the Plaza for lunch. A friend of Sandy's who flew down from Dammam is leaving tonight and had a free day to spend with us. We had lunch at Pizza Express and then headed to Tung Chung to the outlet mall there.

No purchases made, but lots seen. These buildings really fascinate me. I am so impressed with their design - how every flat has a balcony and view. There are better examples, but it's hard to get a decent picture when you're driving past in a bus, especially if the windows aren't clean.

Home to more editing. I finally finished around 9, but there was dinner to be eaten and a worship practice for the Easter service as well. We had a full house (see extra).

All of this sounds really full and busy, but very quietly today, we are marking the eighth anniversary of the day my Dad's life was cut short by a reckless driver. ;(

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