By dreaming


Today I finally sat down and did my taxes.  It felt as if it was taking forever, but that's just because it's so complicated, even with TurboTax.  As expected, I owe no taxes - in fact, with the standard deduction now more that $13,000, I could have earned twice as much and still owed nothing.  What's nice about using TurboTax is that, next year, all the relevant numbers will be in the computer and it will be just a matter of updates.

It was our night for watching Project Runway, but before dinner I went into Lex's back garden and photographed this thriving pieris Japonica.  It's so delicately pretty.  Then it was pizza (not usually on my menu, but it was delicious) and TV viewing.  We thought the judges chose the right winner, but the bottom three were so really awful we'd have sent them all packing if we'd had the choice.

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