By flavia13


That's a saying I saw somewhere but don't know where, felt it was appropriate though.

Very busy day today.  Hubby was up early as he and a friend needed to be in Cartmel for 8.15 this morning.  Some other friends are in the local Rotary and were organising a charity event, Hubby and friend got roped in volunteered to guide the traffic.  He was there until about 3:00pm.

In the meantime I did the housework and general things ready for our next visitor, who will be arriving on Monday (I thought it was Tuesday, even though I organised it and booked the train tickets, I had it in my had it was Tuesday!!

Will be visiting Mum in Morecambe tomorrow, then pick friend up from Oxenholme on Monday morning.  So not a lot of spare time right now.

Hope you are all well and are having a great  weekend.

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