By Madchickenwoman

Pheasants Eye

The yellow daffodils have gone over on the woods and now these have taken their place! 
I had a sociable time on the allotment in the am - two guys who I have not seen since last year! I asked both if they wanted to join the hen coop for the friday night close - one was interested but his current tempoary job doesn't fit in so he said he'd get back to me, the other guy said he'd ask his missus! He also said he'd move my carpet for me! I want it over my raspberries but it's way too heavy to move from it's current position! So I cleared it of dried foliage and moved the black ground cover plastic that was covering part of the raspberry patch. Then I began ccutting back on one of my beds - so satisfying! Weeds are growing everywhere and it is the usual battle with the brambles and dandelions! Amazingly the marigolds from last year are flowering. I've never had plants come through the winter before. I also pulled up more purple sprouting and kale that had gone over and gave them to the hens - they were well pleased! 
After 2 hours it was home to await delivery of a Belfast sink I'd seen on the local buy, sell or swop facebook page. A man with a young slip of a lad ( don't you just love that expression?!) had got it to my front steps but it was too heavy to get any further. But with my help we got it up the steps and then with a blanket we pulled it through my house! I shall grow lettuce in it! Thats the problem with an allotment - a bit of a walk when you just want a few leaves! 

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