Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Chop time!

One of those days today - still really windy at the bedroom end of the house and all the shrubs I moved there yesterday so I could get on with mending the fence are getting seriously blown about. I decided that I'd better get on with it, wind or no wind, so dressed up in my waterproofs and woolly hat, picked up the electric drill which I charged up a few days ago and found that the battery was flat again! Grrr! Put it on charge again. This is why cheap tools really aren't worth it.

So I took a box of mounted photo prints up into the loft to store on the new shelving, and the shelf fell down, boxes fell down and everything went everywhere! 

By the time I'd sorted that out I'd had enough, so thought it time to hack my lovely Begonia hatacoa down as it was getting huge and needed watering more or less every day. I chopped it almost down to its big woody rootstock and now have a large number of stems to trim down to cuttings. The old plant will recover soon enough - it was one of my Himalayan collections from back in 1990 - and I'll root a load of cuttings and sell them, give them away, or otherwise deal with them. So back into the kitchen I go with my secateurs! As we know, Blip is about what happened today! That is what happened!

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