Two Hobbies Rolled into One

I was delighted to find a stockist in Edinburgh of Jamieson & Smith’s Shetland Wool. Although there nothing like the range available in Lerwick, there was enough choice for me to buy these colours. I’m not quite sure how they will be used yet. The assistant said something very pertinent “ there are two hobbies involved in this occupation - the buying of wool and the knitting of it”. Never a truer word have I heard as I survey the quantity of unused wool lingering in my wool box.

It was so hot today that it was almost a relief to come indoors from time to time to cool off. I realise that I am not equipped to deal with heat. I feel curiously naked when deprived of a jumper, coat and scarf. I could get used to the feeling of wanton abandonment of clothes but I probably won’t have to as the weather will revert to normal soon.

I raised the patio umbrella this afternoon and invited a neighbour to join me for a gin and tonic in the sun. We watched as the biblical hordes gathered on the Meadows with their barbecues and general high spirits. It feels as though summer has arrived, but I’m still hedging my bets.

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