By LadyFindhorn

An Easter Sunday Triptych

I have been carefully guarding my Christmas Söderberg vouchers, a present from daughter #2, but decided to cash one in for an Easter Sunday breakfast of granola and yoghurt with coffee to follow. It made a very good start to the day.

With the sun shining again, I erected the patio sunshade, but with the not inconsiderable breeze today catching the fabric it was very unstable; the base is not big or heavy enough to stop it keeling over so it was dispensed with.

With the sunshine and heat of the last two days, the Meadows cherry blossom has burst forth along all the paths making it a beautiful backdrop to the view.
I wonder if the sun worshipers lying on the grass outside appreciate it.
They certainly make no effort when they depart as it gets dark to leave the place as they find it when they arrive, clean and tidy, after the park attendants, at 7am have binned all the night before’s detritus left so carelessly behind.

My step daughter appeared with this chocolate Easter bunny in the afternoon and I am fighting my desire to bite off its ears. The two chicks have met their doom in just 2 snaps of my jaws. They accepted their fate with equanimity, knowing what pleasure they were affording their executioner.

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