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By walkingMarj


It has been like a summer's day here today with blue skies, bright sunshine and little wind.

I drove to Bellingham to do a recce for a walk we will be doing in the Autumn Festival. The programme is almost completed, but we have to be sure that new routes are OK. This is for a writing walk which is a new venture for us.

I had a lovely time walking by the riverside. The sheep were proudly showing off their new lambs, some of whom were very new indeed and had not yet been numbered.

My route took me along a section of the busy road to Kielder. Many motorcyclists as well as car owners were out on the route, but they drove carefully around the lone walker. Once I found the next footpath, it was uphill over rough pasture. I decided to come down again before I completed the route, but still walked over 4 miles. Arth tells me he hates the rough ground and that is why he is sore tonight!

Back in Bellingham, I called at the Methodist Church.  Deacon Ann was there in the tiny Easter garden they have created. The cross is her work, with fresh flowers, but the Easter garden is populated by knitted flowers around a small empty tomb. The tea in the hall looked tempting, but I needed to head home so we could have a late lunch.

The tyre pressure warning on the car went off when I was nearly in Bellingham this morning. Thankfully the woman serving at the petrol station was able to open the garage so I could check the pressures. All were normal, so it was a mystery as to why this happened.

My extra is a tiny branch on a larch tree with the exquisite flowers in bloom.

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