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Wild garlic

I have been waiting patiently for the first wild garlic flowers to open. This one is in a tiny wooded area on the way to Lincoln Hill from home. I liked the dappled light on the plants. There is something quite magical about them.

Life in the time of Covid 19
I did not go too far today because my long awaited Tesco delivery was coming in the early afternoon. The driver said that two staff are off with Covid 19 but the firm has taken on 3 new drivers and a new van. The drivers can now work an 11 hour instead of a 10 hour shift. One driver broke his shoulder this morning so he is off too.

I had an enormous shop but managed to forget the apples and the potatoes! (Didn't forget the wine!)

During my walk, I met Margret (next door) who was doing a variation on my theme. She came downhill as I went up. She had taken her car to cut out some of the walk and make it doable for herself.

When I reached her car, there was a police car alongside and a police officer writing down the number plate. I assumed she would receive a warning for using the car, although I know that it is permitted to go a short distance to start your exercise.

I didn't 'phone her to warn her because I didn't want to spoil her walk. Later, I 'phoned to ask how the walk went. She said nothing about the police.  There had been no note left and she was blissfully unaware of their interest. All we could think was that they had checked her registration and found that she lived about a mile away, so that was OK.

Strange times.

I was playing the piano this afternoon. We have an eclectic library which includes a lot of old songs from Victorian times through the 20s, 30s and 40s. I came across "Someday Soon"  by Jimmy Leach and published in 1943.

Turn your face to the future,
A new day is near,
The sunbeams shining tomorrow
will banish every tear, So

Some day soon
The clouds will roll away
Good times will come to stay
Some day soon.

Some day soon,
We'll start our lives anew
And make our dreams come true,
Some day soon.

Time will erase the story of the years we've been apart
We shall go on in glory
Hand in hand and heart to heart

Some day soon,
When all the world is stilled
Our hopes will be fulfilled
Some day soon

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