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The teddy bears' picnic

Gwen and I met at Wallington Hall today. It was perfect walking weather. We walked right around the grounds, including the riverside walk, and then left on the path to Broom House Farm.

From there we headed for the hamlet of Cambo - it's a gem of a place.

We had a bit of difficulty with the route because of the lack of public footpath signs, so had to hop over a fence or two to find our way. We successfully made it back to Wallington grounds.

Most importantly, we had Hector, the original Halty bear, and Humshaugh Halty bear with us. They were SO pleased to see each other again. I adopted Humshaugh bear quite early in his life (when he came off Gwen's knitting needles) and he had not seen his older brother since. I think you can see the family likeness.

The boys asked for huney honey sandwiches for lunch.

They enjoyed knocking on fairy doors (and running away)!

The Haltwhistle Walking Festival (virtual) begins on Saturday. You can walk wherever you are in the world. If you have a bear all the better, but you don't have to have one. The details of how to send your walk details in are on the website Haltwhistle Walking Festival

Today's walk was a bit longer than the 4 miles I planned, but the distance melted away as we talked and laughed. It's good to see friends again.

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