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Bird watching in Humshaugh

The weather today has been beautiful. I enjoyed it mainly from inside the house as I recovered from yesterday's long walk! I did walk to the Post Office van for stamps but arrived as he drove off! Tomorrow.

I met Tina, who we call the "bat lady"* walking with her lovely elderly dog, Kim. Tina and her partner, Steve are very keen birdwatchers, but I don't know if they have seen this exotic species. It was roosting in a flowering currant beside the village hall. I note that the currant has also managed to make berries; how bizarre!

A redstart has been seen in the village and I thought I saw one when I was walking the other day. I must take my binoculars with me.

This morning I managed to watch Line of Duty, episode 6.  Wow again. I feel as though I need to go back and watch from the beginning of series 1. I'm not sure I can stand the tension as we head to the final denouement.

Mum and I watched Call the Midwife. It does manage to tackle some tricky subjects.

I may need an early night to prepare for my outing tomorrow, despite sleeping this afternoon. (It was bliss.)

*Tina is a bat expert and Steve is a professional ornithologist

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