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Lone tree

There are a lot of lone trees in my part of the world and they often show the struggle they have to survive in our less than clement weather.

Today I decided to try a slightly longer walk of about 6 - 7 miles. In the event it was 8 miles with 800 feet of ascent and descent. I made it but it was hard work and I'm not very fast. It was very hazy all day. The sun never quite broke through.

I walked from Birtley village (very pretty at most times of the year) across the fields and downhill to the river North Tyne and into the Countesspark Woods. It is a bit early for the wild flowers, but a few early bluebells were pushing through. It's a lovely walk.

At Redesmouth I met a lovely couple in their garden. I had just circumnavigated two cows who both had calves hidden away. The couple stopped their dog barking so that he did not disturb the beasts. We had a good chat. 

The public footpath goes along in front of a few cottages where there are a series of unfriendly signs for walkers. It's quite bizarre but they want us to walk in a muddy field of cows rather than on the tarmac in front of their houses.

I toiled up the hill to Buteland. "It's downhill all the way" said the couple. They have trained in walk leader speak. I knew from my map that the walk would continue to undulate and it did! 

The sheep and lambs are a delight at the moment. Near to home all the lambs are born, but up on the hills there were very young ones. I saw one ewe with two tiny lambs and she had two placentas hanging out of her rear end.

One tiny lamb rolled under a gate as I walked past. It could not get back because it kept trying to climb higher. It got its neck stuck in some mesh fencing, so I rushed to pick it up and restore it to the ewe.

We are saving Call the Midwife until earlier tomorrow and I'm saving Line of Duty until tomorrow too. No spoilers please.

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