By pensionspoet

More visiting

Isn't it hot? I spent all morning tidying in the loft. I wasn't allowed to throw things away, so just put stuff into better boxes, and labelled them.

After lunch mum and I visited dad. He is much the same. Bored, tired and probably wants everything to go back to normal. Hopefully they are sorting out care so that he can come home Tuesday, but there is never anyone to ask.

A brief gap between visiting, so we went home and had a cup of tea. Mum watered the garden then I drove over to pick up Manda for the evening visit. Dad seems quite low, and it's hard to know what to say or do. We came away hoping that he will get a better night sleep tonight.

I cooked a Morrison's curry for dinner and we watched The Durrells. Now I'm ready for bed, I've been yawning all day. I'm heading home in the morning, to be ready for work on Tuesday.

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