An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Hunt the Easter Eggs!


Another beautiful sunny day!

Another lively breakfast with lots of chat and laughter.  This time we had a cooked breakfast but as we were slightly later off the starting blocks this morning (Anna slept till 10.30am.  Unheard of apparently :-) it really counted as lunch.

Afterwards we went into the garden with the intention of putting the Gin Palace back together again after it was painted last week but the floor was still slightly tacky (it had wood preserver on it instead of paint) so we had to abandon that idea.  Instead we had an Easter Egg hunt.  Yes, I know it's two days early but our friends are travelling home tomorrow so it was now or never.  

We all covered our eyes while Lewa hid the chocolate eggs then Anna set out to find them.  Faith was happy just to sit on the grass and play with her Easter cuddly lamb whilst watching her big sister run around the garden looking for chocolate Easter eggs.  She was terrified they would melt before she found them!  Thankfully she  managed to collect them before that fate befell them.

Anna then decided that she would hide the eggs and her Dad and David had to look for them.  Eyes were duly closed whilst Anna skipped around the garden hiding the eggs then the hunt began again in earnest.

Sharon, Faith and I sat watching with great amusement as Anna tried her best to put her Dad and David off the scent whenever they got near an egg. Eventually all but two eggs were recovered with the final two proving very elusive indeed.  Not helped by the fact Anna couldn't remember where she'd put them!  lol!  

They were on there eighth sweep of the garden when I took this shot, and getting very eggsasperated (do you see what I did here ;-)) Sharon and I could not stop laughing as they literally left no lead unturned!  It's a wonder this shot isn't ruined by camera shake, I was laughing so much!  

Eventually the final two eggs were located (I actually think Anna knew where they were all along :-) and there's a shot in extras of the jubilant moment David found the final one!  :-)) 

After that excitement was over they all went for a swim.  I poured a tall glass of water with ice and lemon and settled down in the garden room with my book.  Of course I nodded off within 5 minutes until I heard them all getting out the pool.

Fish for dinner then I had the pleasure of Anna doing my hair for me.  Lots of brushing and bobbles involved.  I'm not sure I'll be able to recreate the look on my own  phew says David :-))

Lots of lovely cuddles from Anna again at bedtime.  I am getting used to these and will miss them.

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