By HeidiHH


Today I continued my cleaning. Sofa cover and some sports gear into two loads of washing. All dried as the sun is uncovered and the wind is blowing again.

Also put together few dresses. 5 left of the big pile. Can't wait to get these done and move into sewing something else. I have few new fabrics...

I went to see Jen as my visit yesterday was cut due to me running back home to get the laundry into the house. So she tried the dress I gave her with a belt and here you can see her: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwpHi74HSyD/ Doesn't she look cool? She has a great figure. So it was decided that she will wear this dress in a few weeks when she and her husband take a trip to Rome! The dress looks fantastic on her. She looks like a 50's Hollywood movie star. I wish I could have taken a picture with time, but this is what I got. Good enough.

Next door still continue with the construction. They were working outside for a week or so, so it was noise and dusty, but not as bad as now that they are working inside again. Can't hear the tv next to me from the drilling and banging. It's after 7 pm and they still continue. It's really driving me nuts.

Before you think of saying anything. Our houses are legally still a construction zone, so we can't denuncia them or anything. Only thing they have to follow is to not start before 8 am and finish before Spanish dinner time, which is about 10pm. Siesta should be silent too, but it wasn't today. Gosh I hope this ends soon. It's a small house. How much can you do in there? When I walk over when the door is open, it's still a full construction zone inside. Like piles, ladders, wood, tile, bricks... I sometimes feel like making noise, just to make noise back. And I hate noise!

In the picture one of Jen's cacti. It's like a snowflake :-)

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