It Takes Two

By laurie54

AT: Festive

It's the 200th abstract Thursday so we're celebrating.  Thanks to Ingeborg for being such a fine host.  What would a celebration on blip be without some red balloons.  Toss in some champagne (which is really sparkling cider) and you have a party.

The day was filled with mundane chores and stuff, highlighted by something called dry needling on my ankle in physical therapy.  It was the third such treatment and it hurts like crazy but if it helps, it helps.  I have been directed to try to wear my brace two hours on, two hours off over the weekend to see how the strength is coming along.  It's got to be healed by now but it's definitely really weak.  Two more weeks (4 sessions) left to go.

Here's a teacher joke which could really apply to any adult:
Finding one of her students making faces at others on the playground, Ms. Smith stopped to gently reprimand the child. Smiling sweetly, the teacher said, "Johnny, when I was a little girl, I was told if that I made ugly faces, it would freeze and I would stay like that." Little Johnny looked up and replied, "Well, Ms Smith, you can't say you weren't warned."

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