By CleanSteve

Glastonbury Tor early in the morning

After the meeting yesterday I went to visit my friend P at her home in an old part of Glastonbury, very close to the Tor. We hadn’t seen each other for a long time so we had plenty of catching up to do over fine wine and good food.

P recommended that in the morning I walk along the old hollow lane up to the base of the tor. I woke early but didn’t get up immediately as the sun rose. I made a cup of tea and once I’d drunk it I felt stimulated to walk up the hill. As she’d suggested it was a great start to the day but by the time I reached the base of the summit, the sun receded behind incoming clouds. I did manage a few shots with the last of the sun’s rays shining across the hill one of which I’m blipping.

I met and chatted to several people around the tor; walkers, runners, climbers, dog walkers and even a photographer. A man approached me and said he was going to meditate under the blossoming apple trees in the Avalon orchard on the hillside just below the summit of the tor. He said he hoped he wouldn’t get in the way of my photography. I spent more time taking pictures of ewes and their newly born lambs in a a meadow close to the summit.

It was a fine way to begin the day and brought smiles to my face as I looked out over the Somerset Levels. Even the arrival of the rain didn’t dampen my spirits. It felt good to be back in the area and remember many different times I’d spent around there over many decades.

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