Greylag goslings beside Frampton court lake

It has been a delightfully lazy Sunday for us both. However I was rather concerned when trying to do some housework on my computer’s photographic files, as I'm now getting error messages when backing up to an external hard drive. Oh dear. It makes me worried about the stability of my photo archive.

I suggested a walk this afternoon to Woodpeckers and we decided to go to our favourite lake at Frampton on Severn. It was quieter than usual with regard to the bird life there but it still brought us pleasure to be close to nature and hearing the noise of birds in such a peaceful place.

As we approached the lake Helena walked ahead and spotted these greylag goslings sitting quietly with some adult geese near the lake’s edge. I’m blipping them as they are very young and I won’t see them this size again. I might otherwise have blipped some swans flying at altitude in circles around the islands in the lake. They looked magnificent as always.

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