By LadyFindhorn

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The cherry blossom which was such a vibrant pink last week end is looking a bit jaded now and the rain last night has made a lot of the blooms fall in soggy ribbons to line the gutters and paths.

For some reason I felt energised enough before breakfast to change my bed , do two washes and defrost the freezer-perhaps I’m sickening for something.
I hate doing all those chores , so it felt good to get them out of the way and leave the morning free for watching the London Marathon.

I find watching the latter very emotional, not only the elite runners but the mass of runners who are running for various charities and have done so much training over the cold winter months to be able to run these 26+ miles and not give up. It is amazing to see wombles, rhinos, a letter box and a Big Ben, to name but a few, doing fantastic times.

I had one of those spooky coincidences this afternoon when I had decided to phone a friend whom I haven’t been in touch with for about 3 months, but before I did, she phoned me. I imagine it is just a remarkable coincidence, or is it?
My extra is a snail’s effort at solidarity with the runners in the Marathon as it crosses the line.

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