By PicturePoems

High Rise in Melbourne

We said farewell to Adelaide today and flew eastwards to Melbourne - only a short Quantas flight, so we were surprised and impressed to be served a mini-cheeseburger and chips, followed by coffee, at 37,000 feet! Quite palatable, too!

Here's the view from our window with the sun low in the sky. We're on the 16th floor of a high rise building of apartments - a mix of residential and holiday-lets - called City Tempo. Surrounded by more tower blocks and a huge building site, too! Quite a contrast to Perth and Adelaide, right in the heart of the city.

Talking of contrasts: my Extra shows a typical view of the terrain we flew over. There has been no rain since before Christmas as is evident from the pale, parched earth. That said, some rain is forecast for this week - in Melbourne, at least.

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