By pensionspoet

30 happy anniversaries to us!

Another lovely day in Bath following a good night's sleep in our four poster bed.

Another big breakfast, but we didn't rush. Then lots more walking round a city we are now starting to get to know. The sun was out today, and we found a different cafe and sat outside for coffee. It was by a busy main road, but interesting to watch a bit of life going by.

We did some shopping, and then went back to our hotel room to relax for a while. At about 2.30 after smartening ourselves up a bit, we walked back to The Regency Tea Rooms in the Jane Austen centre (where she had lived as a child) for a posh afternoon tea. They gave us a lovely window seat and we had an hour or so enjoying a beautiful afternoon tea.

From there we walked up to the Botanical Gardens, which were nice, then back to the city.

We have tickets to see Avengers Endgame at 7, so are now having a gin/beer or 2 before. We won't be getting back until late.

We haven't been very good at the selfies this week, but this was one from earlier. I dont have a wedding photo of us to compare it. I don't think weve worn too badly though! I've also added a photo of the afternoon tea for Mollie. She always takes photos of her food.....;-)

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