An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

It's the simple things...

I woke up this morning with renewed energy.  

The sunshine helped fuel the positive mood and a lovely lunch of carved ham and salad on wholemeal seeded bread followed by this deliciously juicy and crunchy apple.  I absolutely savoured it and my enjoyment of it strengthened my resolve to ditch as much refined sugar from my diet as I can.  Those doughnuts on Saturday looked good but oh my, the pleasure is short lived.

So, still feeling full of energy after lunch, I took myself into the wardrobe and cleared out all my winter clothes, including filling a large bin bag full of clothes that I haven't worn once this winter.  They will shortly be winging their way to the charity shop. 

Moved summer clothes from the wardrobe in the small spare room, the rest will follow once they've been ironed.  Hoping the fact I am organised for summer doesn't mean it's now going to rain for three months!

In other news, the orchid Ele brought me way back in January is still going strong!  Some of the original blooms died off but over the last few days it has burst into full bloom again.  I am astounded and delighted.  Orchids under my care normally last three weeks at the very most!   Maybe it's feeling the spring energy too :-))

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