By tondrijfhamer

Day 2 of 3, Ameland - photography trip

The alarm clock rang at 05.00 am. Rise and shine for a sunrise shoot on the beach near our hotel.
To my surprise everybody was right on time, and at 05.45 we biked away.

A nice shoot, with some nice light but not spectacular in my opinion. The women were enthusiasticly exposing lots of pixels. Both Yolanda and I helped them with ND-grad filters.

Breakfast was at 8.00 am and one hour later Theo came by. Theo was our nature guide and he took us to the 'Eendenkooi' (Duck Decoy) to tell about the flora and fauna of the island. His interesting and funny stories were combined with lots of macro photography and shooting the local wildlife. Everybody enjoyed themselves very much. I had some time to capture some birds as well. Most of the women were down on the ground to capture the tiniest plants and insects.

In the afternoon (after lunch and a photo review in the hotel) a few women wanted to go back to Hollum beach to capture the breakwaters with a long shutter speed.
Yesterday when we were there it was low tide and the wooden poles stood in the sand instead of water in the midst of crushing waves.

Instead of the time off, that was actually on the program, everbody came along to the breakwaters. We arranged some taxi buses (biking would take too long) and around 17.00 we were back on the beach.

Yolanda took a group a five under her wing, and I had four women to take care of. Explaining about big stoppers, long exposure again. Then suddenly rain showers errupted from the sky. An immense downpoor during minutes, with some hail to close it off. We all were drowned and wet to the skin. But to my surprise nobody wanted to go back to the hotel. The sun came back again and everbody started exposing again as if nothing had happened. The sun and wind blew us dry in no time. Great!!

Dinner at restaurant 'Brood' and after that the group went to bed early.
The alarm clock would go off at 05.00 again....will they all show up again tomorrow morning?

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