TinyTuesday 205 Honeysuckle

After a busy morning workwise I managed to pop out with Zeus09smum and Zeus to have a rather late look at the bluebell glades in Epping Forest.  It was a beautiful afternoon, sunny, still and warm but the bluebells are coming to the end of their best now so none of my shots were that good, nor did they fulfil any kind of brief for TinyTuesday.  For that I dashed out into the garden this evening and was quite surprised to see how much the first of our honeysuckles had started to come into bloom, so there is my shot for today.
In other news, when I picked up Violet this evening she wasn't feeling her best had apparently sleepy at school with no appetite for her lunch: not looking good for tomorrow...

Sorry about my rubbish commenting atm, just seem to be always busy with one thing or another.  I'm very grateful to all of you who continue to look at and comment on my journal, very much appreciated.

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