Another incredibly busy day.  Two urgent pieces of work had to be done, a couple of meetings had to be fitted in, then a big meeting in the afternoon –which thankfully went well.  It was a pre-meeting for a bigger meeting next week.  I left with more prep to be done for next week’s meeting.  Another day in which I didn’t leave my desk apart from going to meetings.

I eventually got home later than I planned, and rustled up some tea from leftovers in the fridge – very economical and limiting food waste!

When I came home I tried to go to the supermarket, but the road was closed, so I decided to go to the wee co-op instead, but it was closed for refurbishment., so after TT got home from his days away, I walked down to the supermarket for the bits and pieces and I was after.

I really like this clematis which grows over a fence on the road down the hill.


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