Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

May is for Peonies

Wonderful peonies. I can never get enough of them!  I've made a collage of two from the last bouquet which were just hanging on and had gone from dark orange to cream! I love how the colour changes. The two peonies on the bottom are from my new weekend bouquet.  The little bud was tightly closed when I first put it into water, now it's already opening!

'They' (the weather folk) keep talking about snow, Polar air and strong winds, but it hasn't really happened yet! Though it's cooler outside. So we'll take things as they come and not worry about them (unless we have a picnic planned)!

The weekend is here and now it's time to relax with all the shopping done and fresh veggies and salads galore (always liked that word!) Fresh strawberries too, of course!

Have a wonderful Saturday and Sunday!

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