Went to bed late so got up late.  By the time I started the day Neil had already been for a run and popped to the shop for some groceries.

After a late breakfast I asked Neil if he would help me set up my new laptop. I got it in the on 24th April and I did try to sort it out then but I couldn't get on the internet. The stupid thing was stuck on Airplane Mode.  Even Neil couldn't figure out how to get it off.  We Googled and followed the different advice given.  Still no luck.  Then one of the forums we were checking mentioned a small button on the outside of a laptop which switches airplane mode on and off.  We found this button and hey presto Airplane Mode was off.  So it was all systems go after that.  ( slowly in my case )

Neil went for another run this afternoon ( total of 90 miles this week ) so there was rather a lot of sweaty kit for me to wash ....VERY sweaty kit. 

Becky and Mike haven't been running this weekend as they are still recovering from the London Marathon.  Instead they are having a weekend in Portsmouth.  Seen photos on Instagram of them on HMS Victory. I've never been to Portsmouth but it looks to be worth visiting.  I will add it to my list.

I nipped into the back lane to get my blip shot.  An allotment holder has used an old door to reinforce the boundary of his plot.  Thanks to Marlieske for hosting Derelict Sunday.

The weather today has been dull and cold.

Still need to catch up with comments - I will get there in the end.

Steps today - 3,484

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