My friend Jan is back from Majorca and she needed a big shop so we went off to Morrisons as 9am.  The shop was very quiet.   Back home to unpack and have breakfast.  Then a nap. ( No Fitness Class today with it being Bank Hol.) Then I took the bedding off Neil's bed and put a load of washing on. Made the bed ready for me to sleep in tonight.  Put the sofa bed back to being a sofa.  Then I did all the washing up Neil had generated.

Neil went off home this afternoon.  He walked. Its quite a long way - but its all downhill.

The Mono Monday theme today is " Rooftops". When I saw the theme I knew exactly what I wanted to blip.  So I got the bus to Newcastle, got off the bus in Pilgrim Street and walked on to The Tyne Bridge where I took lots of shots of the rooftops below.  There was so much choice as there are rooftops all around.  Hard to choose just one for my blip shot.  I have put some other views in my Extras. Thanks to Nikimags888 for hosting

After taking my photos I made my way up Grey Street and into the Eldon Square shopping centre.  It was raining heavily so I wanted to get indoors to dry off.  I didn't need any shopping so I just walked through the centre from one end to the other and then caught a bus home.

My food intake this weekend has not been healthy so I decided not to go to slimming group. Couldn't bear to face those scales.  So I just settled down for an evening in front of the TV.

Steps today - 10,189

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