This afternoon I went on an organised walk around part of my village. There were 6 of us who turned up for the walk. Our guide was Richard - a member of the local History Society.  I went on almost the same walk a few years ago but I thought I might as well go again - mainly to have something to do on a Sunday - and get some steps.  I enjoyed the walk - it was interesting to learn the history of the area and the old buildings we passed.  It lasted around 2½ hrs. 

The weather has been lovely again today - it was even hotter than yesterday.  When I got back from the walk I had intended mowing the lawns but in the end I just sat on the bench outside eating ice cream - with the cats relaxing nearby. 

During the Summer months when the weather is fine I usually walk to the village the back way - along the path through the allotments.  The path is wide enough for a vehicle and a few of the allotment holders do come along in their cars.  They are able to turn around on the corner where the path widens. The dirt track often gets muddy and it was starting to deteriorate so some of the allotment holders seem to have had the idea to put broken roof tiles along the path to give a better surface for their cars.  A good idea in principle but I can tell you that those roof tiles are not easy to walk across. They shift under your feet.  Not a great problem for me I suppose but I wonder how dog owners manage as those tiles might not be too good for doggy paws.

Steps today - 9,252

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