The second half of life..

By twigs

Little boxes

Wellington hillside houses always seem to get me humming/singing this.....

Final morning at the convention (more inspiring speakers) then it was all over for another year. Time to go away, let the inspiration seep deeper into the pores and reflect on what a great few days it has been.  Of course, when you're in a camper van, there are things like dump stations and water top-ups to consider too, so off I headed to tend to the basics.  It was whilst doing this that I felt the pull of home grow.......I had a ferry ticket for tomorrow but a quick phone call to the ferry company found me a space on the 8.45pm tonight.  Woo hoo!  I tootled my way to Wellington, parked up in the ferry boarding area, checked in then ordered pizza (delivered to van - perfect!).  It was during this time that the weather changed.............really changed.  Winds picked up, rain began to fall and both elements continued to grow in strength.  I actually thought the ferry may get cancelled but nooooooooo........heading on to ferry shortly.........will report back tomorrow.......

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