By dfb24

Balancing Rock...

Although to me it looks, from this angle, like a person sitting with their knees pulled up the their chest, their arms wrapped around them, watching the stars. We were all up at 0130 this morning because the skies were clear. We headed back to Arches National Park, and started following the Milky way through the sky. We started with "The Tower", which is the first of the extras, then moved to Balancing Rock. We'd just started shooting when a car came up the road that was a bit behind us, the headlights slowly illuminating the rock, and I loved the effect. We finished with "The Courthouse" where we shot from in front of the van, finishing at about 4 or 4:30, then went back to the Hotel. It was hard saying goodbye to Tom and Laura, who ran the workshop, as you couldn't find a nicer, more fun and accommodating couple! And equally hard saying goodbye to our new friends, but we'll keep in touch! We decided to stay at our hotel for one more night so we could catch up on our sleep and take time to pack up all our things before we head out for week two. :))

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