A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

The Muppet Christmas Carol

'It's in the singing of the street corner choir,
It's going home and getting warm by the fire..'

What a film! One that I actually only saw for the first time last Christmas thanks to Jenny's pestering. She absolutely loves it. With my slight obsession with all things Muppet, you can see we compliment each other quite well.

Monkey & Kermit settled down for a Christmas movie classic, barely able to contain their excitement - it was a miracle I got a shot of them sitting still! They couldn't wait for the gang & special guest Scrooge, the great Michael Caine, to appear on screen in all their festive finery.

Today was the beginning of our first weekend in the flat not off galavanting somewhere, & so we relished this opportunity to it's max. We chillaxed, Jen knitted (again!), I popped to the shops, we a trio of Xmas films: The Grinch, with the wonderful Jim Carrey at his energetic best; the Muppet Christmas Carol; & Four Christmasses, a slightly silly but still entertaining watch.

And some good flat-related news.. drum roll please.. we have bought some seating for the living room! Yay! We exploited the furniture shop on the street beneath our flat & purchased a leather/ cord 3 seater sofa & a really comfy leather chair (miiiiine!). Delivering is next week. Cannot wait!

'..It's true, wherever you find love it feels like Christmas'

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