Red-Bellied Woodpecker ....

I had every intention of posting for Mono Monday but late in the evening this Red-bellied Woodpecker had other plans for me.  We rarely see these beautiful woodpeckers in the front yard .... especially on the bark butter feeder.  I had just come into the living room when I saw him on the feeder.  I very slowly reached for my camera and slowly tried for a few decent shots. I know he could see me inside and I didn't want him to fly off before I could get some shots.  Most of the shots were terrible as the lighting was simply awful but I'm happy with the way this one turned out. 

I actually had a squirrel shot that I was going to use for MM because on any given day I have 6-10 squirrels literally on my Doorstep waiting for food!  There weren't that many out today as it's been another rainy day. One of the shots I got was through the screen door and was adorable as the squirrel was right behind the door on the doorstep looking up at me!  Would have been perfect if not for the fact that it was taken through the screen which made the picture appear blurry. 

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