Court Support. Again.

That's Danialle in the middle. You may recall having heard of her before. On the right is her daughter Seanalle, and on the left is Shirin, also a comrade in the struggle for justice. 

Once again, Danialle, who is one of the few Black women involved in Occupy ICE, has been accused of wrongdoing. She was identified by a TV cameraman as the person he thinks hit him in the back of the head as he was leaving the encampment. 

My friend Jacob Bureros posted this statement: "A dear friend and comrade is being targeted by the state for having the audacity to stand up against ICE while being black in Portland.... Out of the thousands of people who showed up to stand against the modern-day Gestapo, they found a way to target the person who scared them the most: a strong black leader who isn't afraid of them."

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