The Abbey Grounds in Hexham

Morrisons at 9am.  Back home for breakfast and then bus to the Metrocentre and another bus to Hexham. Weather was lovely again so I had a nice wander around in the sunshine.

Went into the grounds of Hexham Abbey and sat on a bench near the bandstand to have a cold drink and a slimming world choc bar I had brought with me. I have added a shot of the bandstand as an Extra.

Took my blip shot which is for the Wide Wednesday challenge.  Its not a great fit for today's theme which is " value/valued " - but I suppose the Abbey Grounds are valued by the local community and visitors alike as a place to relax in pleasant surroundings. Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting.

Musical accompaniment by Barry Manilow,

Before I went out to Hexham I got a text to say that a parcel would be delivered today - but I had the option to choose a " Safe Place " for the parcel to be left.  So I filled in the form and chose my garage as a " Safe Place" - and this was acknowledged.  However when I got home the parcel wasn't in my garage.  It was just left outside in the corner bedside the bins.  Whats the point of asking about a " Safe Place " if the driver is going to ignore it.!!   So I went online and started an online chat with the delivery company.  I got no -where.  The person I was " chatting " with didn't seem to grasp what had gone wrong.  So I will contact the sender of the parcel to complain to them.  See where that gets me.

Got an e mail this evening saying I could check in online for my flights to and from Belfast at the beginning of June.  As its only a short flight I didn't bother paying extra to choose my seats - not really bothered where I sit. Starting to look forward to the trip to Derry now that I have checked in.

Steps today - 9,554

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