I had intended going out to The Metrocentre today but this morning I got a text saying a parcel I was expecting would be delivered between 1pm and 3pm.  That was Ok - I could go out after the parcel had arrived.  However I got another text saying the time was changed - new timing was between 3pm and 5pm.  Parcel arrived at 4.45pm.  Too late to go anywhere.

So I seem to have just wasted the day pottering around at home.  I didn't want to chance doing any gardening out in the back garden in case I missed the delivery.  I did sit outside in the cat enclosure on the garden bench just reading and eating ice cream.  The patio door was open so I could hear if the doorbell rang.  The cats were outside too.  Tino on the bench beside me and Lily in her usual corner in the sunshine.

The Tiny Tuesday theme today is vegetable.  I took the easy option and took a shot of a pepper I was preparing to add to the salad I had for my tea.  Thanks to ninniex for hosting.  The accompanying music track is by THE BEATLES.

Steps today - 3,680

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