Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


I have had a wonderful day.  A " Royal Day " - as my Grandad would have said.  First I got the bus to Gateshead. Then the Metro to East Boldon where I was picked up by fellow blipper  60plus  and Mr 60plus.  We headed for The Sunderland Glass Centre where none of us had been before.  It was marvellous.  We had a quick scout round to see what was what - then to the cafe for a coffee and snack.  The Glass Centre is made of .... glass.  Like a giant greenhouse so the light floods in.  And the cafe overlooks the river. 

Then we went to watch a glass blowing demonstration.  It was interesting and amazing.  I learned a lot.  Then we looked around the exhibitions and then to the shop where purchases were made.  I bought a pair of lovely blue glass earrings.  I have added an Extra showing some of the things we saw at the Glass Centre - the glass blowing, a wonderful glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling and the 3 of us reflected in a glass exhibit named The Mirror. We all decided that a return visit would be planned in the future as we enjoyed ourselves so much.

As it was still early and we weren't far away we decided to head to Seaham to see Tommy - one of Ray Lonsdales statues.  I hadn't seen it before.  Its well worth seeing.  It depicts a First World War soldier, wearing boots, puttees, greatcoat and tin hat, sitting on an ammunition box, with downcast eyes, holding the barrel of his rifle in his right hand. It is officially named 1101 (or Eleven-O-One) but is more popularly known as Tommy, referring to the archetype private soldier Tommy Atkins. In my Extras you can see some shots of Tommy - including one with 60plus and her other half.

We were on a roll and decided to drive further to see another of Ray Lonsdales statues in Horden  Welfare Park. This one is called  Marra.  Its a sculpture of a miner with his heart torn out and is intended to illustrate the demise of mining communities.  I have added another Extra of  Marra .    ( The word marra is a Geordie word meaning friend.)

My main blip shot is my entry for Abstract Thursday - the theme is Shadow Play.  I didn't intend entering for this challenge  but as I looked through the 60 photos I took today I realised this one might fit the theme.  The shadows are me - and " Marra ".  I used the posterise effect in Picasa. Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting. 

Then I was taken back to East Boldon to get the Metro back to Gateshead where I did some shopping in Tesco and Iceland.  I got home around 6.15pm. 

The musical accompaniment is by Cat Stevens.  I was more than a little in love with him when I was a teenager. The first LP I bought was one of his - and of course posters of him were on my wall.  And I even saw him perform live at The City Hall in Newcastle. So even though the song isn't an exact fit I just wanted the excuse to feature it.

Steps today - 9,637

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