Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Bluebird Eggs!

Some of you may remember that almost exactly a month ago I blipped a male Eastern bluebird that was hanging around at our house. I was hoping there might be nest building being contemplated. But, I haven't seen him since. And hadn't seen any activity at the bluebird house that is sitting on the shelf outside our garden shed either. Until today. I was outside weeding and turned to go down near that bird house when I thought I saw a bird flying away that looked rather like a female bluebird. So since she had flown away I figured I could maybe get a look inside the box - just on the off chance... The box is at least a foot above my head, so I turned the flash on my iPhone's camera on and held it up at what I hoped was a good angle to see down into the box. I took one shot. And lookee here! Eggs! Bluebird eggs! Now fingers crossed that there's no snake situation. Or any other slip between the eggs and the fledglings.

Today was also filled with other wonderful bird moments. First thing this morning I heard a scarlet tanager in our yard - later I heard more than one and got a shot of one of them, which looks like it might be a young male - sort of not quite bright red yet, so maybe one of last year's brood has come back here to nest alongside his parents? I also saw and got a shot of a brilliantly red scarlet tanager on our walk this morning. And a group of cedar waxwings. And finally, a monarch butterfly!! See extras.

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