By Kipsie


I'm early today ...I'm normally tinkling on the keyboard at bedtime, but I'm just chillin' this morning. Yogi & I had a lovely early walk in the sunshine, which I'm glad we did as it's now raining.
I've been snapping flowers in the garden here, there's not much choice. I don't think the owners are gardeners, or maybe just too busy working to have time. The garden area is mainly grass but there are a few borders, including one each side of the front door. They also looked a bit scruffy so I did a bit of weeding and ruffled up the bark chips. 
All my saved "bits" from yesterday are all clean and dry after hanging on the washing line all night, I wonder what the neighbours are thinking if they saw all the bits of rope hanging there. "One man's trash, is another man's treasure" ....... I even came up with a use for some of the rope on this morning's walk. :) It's about time I started creating, now the garden is planted up. Of course the allotment will be taking some of my time. This rain will do the gardens some good. A day's steady rain would be perfect, if you're listening up there  :)
Thought I aught to delete some images from my SD card then remembered I'd taken this image with the idea of using it for today's blip. The Primula auriculas looked stunning at the RHS Malvern Spring show. I loved the way they were displayed individually in clay pots, some tiered on a traditional "theatre", very apt description, others in modern displays. You appreciate the beauty of the markings and colours much more that way. It must so rewarding breeding new colour ways, doubles, etc. My immediate thought was how they reminded me of Millefiori glass so with a slight tweak in Picasa I think it looks like a glass paperweight. I bought some Millefiori glass when I visited Venice on a school cruise. I wonder what happened to it. It was probably a present for someone. It was a LONG time ago.
Not sure if this a back blip as it was taken last Saturday.
Thanks to BikerBear/Anni for hosting

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