Mono Monday: Week 278 ....

.... nature.

I had any number of nature choices today including Blue Jays, Grackles, flowers, etc.

But when Short Tail came around my blip simply had to be her ....I still haven't confirmed that she is indeed female but I believe she is.

She has the most gentle nature of all the squirrels that come around and is simply the sweetest little one.  Unfortunately she does have a short tail for some reason (although this doesn't really stop her from doing most "squirrel" things) .... and more concerning is the fact that there is a small lump on her back right side.  Nature can be so cruel sometimes so I hope that this lump is benign and not something that will eventually harm her.  

I had a frustrating day today as my sewing machine is acting up.  I have procrastinated in sewing the dress for my nieces wedding and now I'm running out of time.  I tried working on it today but my machine seems to be skipping stitches and no matter what I have done to try to fix this problem it still keeps skipping stitches.  It went from bad to worse this evening when it simply stopped stitching all together!  Grrrrr!

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